Dear Fellow Pro-Life Texan

From the time it was first created in 1983, pro-life Texans in the 25th Congressional District have had the misfortune to be represented by a lackluster succession of pro-abortion Democrats including current Congressman, Lloyd Doggett, who earned a 100% Pro Abortion voting record (National Abortion Rights Action League, 2010.) I intend to change that by earning your vote in the coming election for Congress in District 25.

I am a life-long, native Texan, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who served in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm where I commanded a Patriot Missile batter. I am also a committed pro-life Texan, and I want to be your Congressman.

Naturally, I care about other issues, like getting the federal government out of our pockets and off the backs of small businesses, which create roughly 70% of all new jobs in America. I believe that traditional Judeo-Christian values have served our nation well over the past two-hundred years; and I will always strenuously oppose efforts to strike those values from our national consciousness — whether it be by liberal politicians, or black-robed bureaucrats posing as impartial judges in our courts.

I know as a former history professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point that the purpose of elections is to select representatives who will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, protect our citizens; secure our borders from all threats, including illegal entry by foreign nationals; and, that a Congressman is supposed to serve those who elect them — not the other way around!

To win this race, I need your personal support, your financial help to keep our campaign moving forward, and your vote in the Republican Primary when the federal courts finally set a date for the upcoming primary election.

No election in our lifetime will have greater consequences for America’s future than the one coming next November. The Republican Primary, however, is another important test for true conservative Texas voters. At question is whether we will demand and get fundamental change. This primary election will decide if voters are content with politics-as-usual and mere lip service for our issues.

I am the candidate who will fight: for constituents, for the Constitution, and to end Republican “compromise” with the governing elite which has demeaned our values and for decades, run Washington while running our nation’s economy into the ground.

I am serious about cleaning up the mess in Washington and fighting to defend the sanctity of every human life from conception to natural death.

I want and need your financial help, your volunteer assistance in your neighborhood and at the polls, and finally, your vote in the Republican primary.

February 24, 2012

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