BELTON, TEXAS – December 7, 1941 is a date which lives in infamy since the second largest military attack on United States soil took the lives of 2,402 servicemen and 57 civilians at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Seventy years later, Americans honor the memory and sacrifice of all who died at the Pearl Harbor attack. As a combat veteran, Wes Riddle understands the importance of such sacrifice and honor. He graduated from West Point and served 20 years in the Army. He also obtained his M. Phil. degree in Modern History from Oxford University, instructed at college, and is widely published.

Running now for U.S. Congress in the new congressional District 25, Wes Riddle commented on the significance of Pearl Harbor and the importance of peace through strength: “Freedom isn’t free. It is one of the most expensive commodities on earth, in terms of blood and treasure. Moreover, it depends on and often barely survives based upon the individual efforts of a relatively few, brave young men and women, who willingly accept physical risk and dedicate a portion of their lives to serving in the United States Armed Forces. To preserve freedom from violent aggressors and subversives, they meet force with force when necessary, and their doing so has made all the difference! The World War II Generation preserved freedom from the awful specter of fascist takeover, and they held the line against communism after the Cold War began. They passed the torch to others, who likewise did their duty, and who handed it off to the latest generation of marvelous young men and women, who continue to preserve freedom from the terrorists and from radical Islamist jihadists.”

Asked what the significance of the next election is and why veterans and their families should care enough to vote on March 6th, 2012 in the Republican Primary, Riddle stated: “Sadly the most ominous specter we face today is not abroad from either fascism or communism. Rather it is from the implementation of Socialism right here at home and a concomitant loss of our cherished freedom. Today therefore it is not a military mission that is of gravest concern. It is instead a nearly overwhelming but critical political mission—one for the voting citizenry of this great country to face to squarely. The People simply must elect more men and women of real character and competence to the U.S. Congress. They also must elect a president in 2012, who actually values our Constitution and all the sacrifices made to defend this land thus far from tyranny.”

Wes Riddle has never held elective office and has pledged himself to a self-imposed term-limit of no more than ten years in office. He is Founder of the Central Texas Tea Party and also state director of the Republican Freedom Coalition (RFC). Riddle says he has always voted as a lifelong conservative Republican and considers Ronald Reagan to be the best political example by reason of his statesmanship and statecraft, as well as his unequalled ability to communicate and explain complicated things to the people. “We need fewer politicians these days and more statesmen like him,” concludes Riddle, who as a teenager before he went to West Point, served as Ronald Reagan’s Youth Advisor for the State of Texas.

Riddle was recently endorsed by Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH), after a rigorous policy vetting and screening process. They named him “best citizen candidate” for District 25 in the hotly contested Republican Primary race.

Faith and Freedom!

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December 7, 2011

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